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November 13, 2018 (Kislev 5, 5779) - 8:42:29 a.m.

Welcome to the family tree for the Fleishman, Gillis, Joffe, Lederman, Sandman, Seligman, Swartzman and Yachad families. To protect you and our families privacy, and to prevent abuse or misuse, you will find public access to information only for the deceased. Data relating to the living can only be accessed with a user name and password. This can be obtained by registering to the site on this page. After registration all of the site's functions will be available and you will also be able to add new data, pictures and edit any errors. To receive your user name and password click on 'LOGIN' on the banner above and follow the information in the menu. First click 'REQUEST A NEW ACCOUNT' and fill in the form. Remember to note your connection to the family. I will approve the new account usually within 24 hours.

Enjoy! Jon Seligman


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100 Years since WWI Armistice Day (11th November, 1918)
November 12, 2018 (Kislev 4, 5779) - 12:34:18 p.m.

Like many families in Europe, World War One, then fallaciously  thought to be the 'war to end all wars', took young men from our family.

Listed here are family members who fell in battle during those terrible years. Further data can be found in the data base.

  • Joseph Gillis - Yorkshire Regiment, killed in action in the Arras Sector, 23/4/1917, Arras Monument.
  • Wolfe Marks - York and Lancaster Regiment, killed in action in the Arras Sector, 3/5/1917, Arras Monument.
  • Maurice Moshe Gillis - 5th. Scottish Rifles, killed 14/4/1917, in the Battle of Arras.
  • Selig Franklin - Killed in action during Battle of Arras, 9/5/1917, Browns Copse, Roeux.
  • Moshe Abram Zand - Killed in action in the Russian Army, WWI.

We should also note that around 500,000 Jews living in the Pale of Settlement were driven from their homes during WWI by the Czarist authorities on the false and anti-Semitic suspicion of cooperating with the invading German Army. Many would not return to their homes, while many others perished during this exile.

The Great Synagogue & Shulhoyf of Vilna
November 16, 2015 (Kislev 4, 5776) - 7:55:29 p.m.

Take this opportunity to learn about our new project to research, excavate and preserve the memory of the Great Synagogue and shulhoyf of Vilna - the Jerusalem of Lithuania. Though only a small fraction of the historic synagogues and other Jewish communal buildings of Lithuania survived the Holocaust, they are an essential and integral part of the cultural heritage of Lithuania. None was more consequential or important than the magnificent Great Synagogue of Vilna (Vilnius), the oldest and most significant monument of Litvak Jewry and the spiritual and physical home of the Gaon of Vilna. 

As part of the process to find a fitting memorial for the Synagogue and its associated buildings, we propose the creation of a joint expedition of Lithuanian, Israeli and other heritage professionals, to excavate, preserve and present in-situ the remains of the Great Synagogue as part of an overall scheme for the long-lasting safeguarding of the memory of the Jewish community of Vilna (now Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania). By working together, Lithuanians, Israelis, Americans and Litvaks from around the world, emphasis can be placed on the importance of Jewish built cultural heritage, as an inseparable part of Lithuanian heritage that needs to be celebrated by all and preserved for perpetuity.

Full information concerning this project, as well as opportunities to donate for the success of the project can be found here

The Shtetlach & Family Website
February 19, 2015 (Shevat 30, 5775) - 11:40:52 a.m.

While this site is devoted to the family tree of the Fleishman, Gillis, Joffe, Lederman, Sandman, Seligman and Yachad families, you are also invited to view the sister site, dedicated to the Shtetlach (small towns) of origin of our families. These pages detail the history and Jewish communities of Kretinga, Shadova (Seduva), Slobodka and Kraslava, while the special communities of Sunderland in England and Oudtshoorn in South Africa, which became home to some parts of the family, are also discussed.

Other pages concentrate on the origins and story of the six families detailed here.

Visit the website at -

The Shoah - שואה (Holocaust)
February 19, 2015 (Shevat 30, 5775) - 11:36:58 a.m.

Between 1939 and 1945 the Nazis and their willing collaborators from most of the countries of Europe destroyed the ancient Jewish communities of the continent. Our relatives were not spared and we know of close on 160 individuals who were murdered during the years of the Shoah (Holocaust). People from the six family groups detailed here were affected, wiping out their generation and future generations in the Soviet Union, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland and Belarus.

May their memory be blessed.

(Use the search facility to get directly to information by searching the word 'holocaust')

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