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Mordachai Zand

Dr. Mordachai ZANDAge: 51 years18921944

Dr. Mordachai ZAND
Name prefix
Given names
מרדכי זנד
מקס זנד
Birth November 15, 1892 (Heshvan 25, 5653) 36 22
Griva, Russia (Latvia) - גריבה, רוסיה-לטביה

Birth of a brotherMoshe Abram ZAND
January 10, 1895 (Tevet 14, 5655) (Age 2 years)
Dvinsk, Russia (Latvia) - דבינסק, רוסיה-לטביה

Birth of a brotherReuven ZAND
1899 (5659) (Age 6 years)
Dvinsk, Russia (Latvia) - דבינסק, רוסיה-לטביה

Birth of a sisterLeah “Lina” ZAND
1901 (5661) (Age 8 years)
Dvinsk, Latvia - דבינסק, לטביה

Death of a brotherMoshe Abram ZAND
1919 (5679) (Age 26 years)
Russia (Belarus) - רוסיה (בלארוס)

Cause: Soldier in Red Army during revolution. Died in battle.
Note: May have died avoiding conscription into the Red Army - Andrea Truppin.
Death of a fatherShneour ZAND
September 19, 1934 (Tishrei 10, 5695) (Age 41 years)
Dvinsk, Latvia - דבינסק, לטביה

Death of a motherSarah Mina ZELIKMAN
June 1941 (Sivan 5701) (Age 48 years)
Dvinsk, Latvia - דבינסק, לטביה

Cause: Holocaust Victim
Note: Imprisoned in the Daugavpils-Dinaburg Ghetto and probably murdered at Pogulana Forest near the city. See
Death of a brotherReuven ZAND
July 1941 (Tamuz 5701) (Age 48 years)
Preli, Latvia - פרילי, לטביה


Hebrew: רופא
Dvinsk, Latvia - דווינסק, לטביה

Address: Krisjana Valdemara iela 39, Daugavpils, Latvia
Death 1944 (5704) (Age 51 years)
Russia (USSR) - רוסיה


Title in Hebrew: ד"ר
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younger brother
Moshe Abram ZAND
משה אברהם זנד
Birth: January 10, 1895 (Tevet 14, 5655) 39 25Dvinsk, Russia (Latvia)
Death: 1919 (5679)Russia (Belarus)
Mordachai ZandDr. Mordachai ZAND
מרדכי זנד
Birth: November 15, 1892 (Heshvan 25, 5653) 36 22Griva, Russia (Latvia)
Death: 1944 (5704)Russia (USSR)
9 years
younger sister
Lina Zand-TruppinLeah “Lina” ZAND
לאה זנד
Birth: 1901 (5661) 45 31Dvinsk, Latvia
Death: January 1995 (Shevat 5755)New York, New York State, USA
-1 years
younger brother
Reuven ZAND
ראובן זנד
Birth: 1899 (5659) 43 29Dvinsk, Russia (Latvia)
Death: July 1941 (Tamuz 5701)Preli, Latvia

SourceDavid Zand - personal testimony
SourceJews of Latvia - Project: Names and Fate 1941-1945
Publication: List of Latvian Jews based on 1935 Latvian census.
NAMES AND FATES 1941-1945 Family name SAND Maiden name Other family name Given name Morduch Father Mother Date of birth 1892 15 11 Place of birth Griva Date of death 1941 Place of death Daugavpils Prewar residence Daugavpils War residence Daugavpils Occupation Doctor Gender M Family status Married Spouse Frida nee FAKTOR Fate in 1941-1945 Killed
After the war, with the creation of the Latvian Republic, the political streams (in the municipality of Daugavpils) were represented and led by the following people: From the Bund: Dr. Noah Mayzel, Yitzhak Levin-Shatzkas From the General Zionists Glinternik, Storich From Tzairei Zion: Dr. Gordon From Socialist Zionists: Moshe Bliach (Amir), Dr. Zand From the Merchants: the Koplovski brothers, Bolbaka From the Property Owners: the Gorbintz brothers, Edelstein From the Artisans: Ravdin Dvinsk in the Past