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Trygve Maseng

Trygve Johannes MASENGAge: 66 years19231989

Trygve Johannes MASENG
טרוגבה יוהנס מסינג
Birth June 8, 1923 (Sivan 24, 5683) 29 27
Death of a fatherTrygve MASENG
April 30, 1961 (Iyar 14, 5721) (Age 37 years)
Louisville, Kentucky, USA - לואיסוויל, ארה"ב

Death of a motherStella Maria NISSEN
March 1984 (Adar II 5744) (Age 60 years)
Columbia, South Carolina, USA - קולומביה, ארה"ב


Hebrew: טייס

Hebrew: ג'ון
Death October 25, 1989 (Tishrei 26, 5750) (Age 66 years)
Tel Aviv, Israel - תל אביב, ישראל

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טרוגבה מסינג
Birth: March 29, 1894 (Adar II 21, 5654)Askim Ostfold, Norway
Death: April 30, 1961 (Iyar 14, 5721)Louisville, Kentucky, USA
Stella Maria NISSEN
סטלה מריה ניסן
Birth: May 25, 1896 (Sivan 13, 5656)Ribe, Denmark
Death: March 1984 (Adar II 5744)Columbia, South Carolina, USA
Trygve MasengTrygve Johannes MASENG
טרוגבה יוהנס מסינג
Birth: June 8, 1923 (Sivan 24, 5683) 29 27Chicago, Illinois, USA
Death: October 25, 1989 (Tishrei 26, 5750)Tel Aviv, Israel

SourceFToJP - 82658 (2004)
SourceKetil Ken Nygaard - genealogical research
SourceElroi Ancestry Family Tree
Publication: Family tree of Elroi, Davidowitz families
Trygve Johannes Maseng Birth 8 Jun 1923 Chicago, IL Marriage 16 Mar 1945 (Age: 21) USA to Susan Warren Divorce 1946 (Age: 23) from Susan Warren Marriage 29 Nov 1949 (Age: 26) Tel Aviv, Israel to Eve "Chava" Tamar Davidowitz Death 25 Oct 1989 (Age: 66) Tel Aviv, Israel
Columbia University student Trygve Maseng, the son of Norwegian immigrants, had been a captain in the U.S. air force and joined Israel's because "I was too late for the Spanish civil war Spanish civil war, 1936–39, conflict in which the conservative and traditionalist forces in Spain rose against and finally overthrew the second Spanish republic. He attended the University of Chicago before volunteering to serve in the Air Force during WWII. He rose to the rank of Major and was a bomb formation leader flying missions in Europe and the Pacific. His main Aircraft was the B-26. After the war, he attended Columbia University where he was approached and convinced to volunteer to train pilots for the Jews in Palestine. After the formation of the state of Israel, he chose to remain there and met his wife Eve Davidowitz and they were married in 1949. Trygve later served as a test pilot for the Israeli airlines Arkia and El-Al. He was an amateur archeologist and poet.