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David Kristal

David KRISTALAge: 64 years18761941

Given names
דוד קריסטל
Birth July 7, 1876 (Tamuz 15, 5636)
Zagare, Russia (Lithuania) - Žagarė, Zhager - זגאר, רוסיה-ליטא

MarriageEtte JACOBSOHNView this family
May 10, 1910 (Iyar 1, 5670) (Age 33 years)
Bauska, Russia (Latvia) - בויסק, רוסיה-לטביה

Birth of a daughter
July 14, 1913 (Tamuz 9, 5673) (Age 37 years)
Bauska, Russia (Latvia) - בויסק, רוסיה-לטביה

Marriage of a childFima Chaim SCHWARZMANJudith KRISTALView this family
December 1, 1940 (Kislev 1, 5701) (Age 64 years)
Note: The photo of the wedding of Chaim Swartzman and Judith Kristal in Riga in December 1940. Left to right: Misha Kaminar (son of Sonia); Sonia Swartzman-Kaminar (Chaim’s sister); Shraga & Esther Swartzman (Chaim’s parents); Judith Kristal-Swartzman and Chaim (Fima) Swartzman. At back, David & Ette Kristal (Judith's parents).
Death of a wifeEtte JACOBSOHN
1941 (5701) (on the date of death)
Bauska, Latvia - בויסק, לטביה

Cause: Holocaust Victim
Death of a daughterJudith KRISTAL
1941 (5701) (on the date of death)
Riga, Latvia - ריגה, לטביה

Cause: Holocaust Victim
Note: Killed on 30th November or 8th December 1941 in massacre at Rumbula Forest near Riga.
Death 1941 (5701) (Age 64 years)
Bauska, Latvia - בויסק, לטביה

Cause of death: Holocaust Victim
Family with Ette JACOBSOHN - View this family
David KristalDavid KRISTAL
דוד קריסטל
Birth: July 7, 1876 (Tamuz 15, 5636)Zagare, Russia (Lithuania)
Death: 1941 (5701)Bauska, Latvia
Marriage: May 10, 1910 (Iyar 1, 5670)Bauska, Russia (Latvia)
3 years
Judith Kristal-SchwarzmanJudith KRISTAL
יהודת קריסטל
Birth: July 14, 1913 (Tamuz 9, 5673) 37 33Bauska, Russia (Latvia)
Death: 1941 (5701)Riga, Latvia

SourceJews of Latvia - Project: Names and Fate 1941-1945
Publication: List of Latvian Jews based on 1935 Latvian census.
NAMES AND FATES 1941-1945 Family name KRISTAL Maiden name Other family name Given name David Father Mother Date of birth 1876 07 07 Place of birth Schagarren, Lithuania Date of death Place of death Prewar residence Bauska War residence Bauska Occupation Trader Gender M Family status Married Spouse Fate in 1941-1945
LATVIJAS VALSTS VĒSTURES ARHĪVS Reģistrācijas Nr. 90009476367, Slokas iela 16, Rīga, LV-1048, tālr. 67613118, fakss 67612406, e-pasts, To: Edward Janes 1417 Georgian Drive Moorestown, New Jersey 08057-1306 USA ARCHIVAL REFERENCE Rīgā 27.01.2017 Nr. LVVA-6.2.6./3/2017/926 about Kristal family The documents of the archival fond Administrative Department of the Latvian Ministry of Internal Affairs – file of naturalization of David Leiba Kristal, set up in 1927, as well as the documents of the archival fonds Collection of Passports of Riga Prefecture and House Registers of Riga and Environs contain the following information: David Kristal, son of Leiba-Genech (Genach, Henech) was born on July 7 of 1876 in Žagare (now Lithuania). His place of origin – Popelyani, Schaulen district Kovno province (now Lithuania). He lived in Lithuania till 1898, from 1898 till 1904 he lived in Courland province, from 1904 – in Bauska. He got home education. According to the file of naturalization David Kristal knew Latvian, Russian and Yiddish. He did not serve in the army. His occupation – trader. On May 14 of 1910 in Bauska he married to Ette, daughter of Leizer Jacobson, born on July 20 of 1880 in Bauska (this date of birth was stated in the file of naturalization, however the birth records of the Jewish community in Bauska for 1880 do not contain information on her birth (see their marriage record). They had three children: 1. daughter Mirjam Kristal, born on June 25 (Julian calendar, Gregorian calendar – July 8) of 1911 in Dobele, 2. daughter Judith (Judis) Kristal, born on July 1 (Julian calendar, Gregorian calendar – July 14) of 1913 in Bauska, 3. son Leizer-Itzik Kristal, born on May 26 of 1919 in Bauska (see their birth records) (see their birth records). The family lived in Bauska till 1915, when due to the events of the First World War they evacuated to Russia, in 1918 they returned to Latvia and lived in Bauska at Sudmalu Street 18. In March of 1927 Lithuanian citizen David Kristal apply for Latvian citizenship to him and his family members. According to the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Latvian Republic of August 30 of 1927 David Kristal, his wife Ette and children were granted the Latvian citizenship. According to the census for 1935 David Kristal, his wife Ette and children: Mirjam, Judith and Leizer lived in Bauska at Veinibas (former Sudmalu) Street 18, apt. 7. From September 8 of 1939 Leizer-Itzchok (he studied at the Conservatory) and his sisters Mirjam and Judith (they worked in pharmacy as an assistant of pharmacist) lived in Riga at Baznicas Street 39, apt. 9. Previous address of Leizer-Itzchok and Mirjam – Riga, Brivibas Street 71/73, apt. 1, previous address of Judith – Bauska, Sudmalu Street 18 (see document copy). On March 17 of 1940 in Riga Mirjam Kristal married to Abe-Leib Hirschhorn, son of Kalman-Jossel, born on November 4 of 1907 in Friedrichstadt (now Jaunjelgava) (see photo of Mirjam from her Latvian passports issued in 1927 and photos of Abe-Leib from his Latvian passport issued in 1925 and in 1927). From May 16 of 1940 Abe-Leib Hirschhorn and Mirjam lived in Riga at Jumaras Street 10, apt. 2. There is a note in the house register dated August 5 of 1941 (during Nazi occupation) that they moved, not stated where (see document copy). The museum Jews in Latvia keeps the list of Jewish inmates in the Central prison of Riga, with details concerning their confiscated valuables, set up on August 4 of 1941, where Hirschhorn Abe, son of Josel was registered under Nr. 1343. Obviously Mirjam was sent to ghetto. From May 6 of 1940 Leizer-Itzchok Kristal and Judith Kristal lived at Stabu Street 47, apt. 7. Presumably in December of 1940 Judith Kristal married to pharmacist Haim Schwarzman, son of Faiwusch, born on January 1 of 1910 in Kreslavka (now Kraslava). Haim graduated from the Latvian University. From December 27 of 1940 Judith and Haim lived in Riga at Matisa Street 29, apt. 1. There is a note in the house register dated on July 2 of 1941 (during Nazi occupation) that they moved, not stated where. According to the records of the Soviet Extraordinary Commission Haim and Judith Schwarzman, living in Riga at Matisa Street 29, were killed in 1941 during Nazi occupation. Leiser-Itzchok Kristal lived at Stabu Street 47 till February 22 of 1941, when he moved not stated where. During Nazi occupation he was in Riga ghetto, he was a member of Jewish ghetto police. Leiser-Itzchok Kristal died on March 4 of 1943 at 15:10 in Riga Central prison (see document copy). The house registers of Bauska have not survived, therefore we can not trace further fate of David Kristal and his wife Ette. REFERENCE: fond 3234, inventory 2, file 18151, fond 1308, inventory 9, file 10230, page 16, fond 2996, inventory 7, files 18342, 8379, fond 2942, inventory 2, file 1607, pages 178, 179, file 5890, page 306, file 12780, page 187, file 9445, page 121, fond P-132, inventory 2, file 26, page 557, inventory 28, file 14, page 318. Enclosure: 20 digital files. Director N. Rižovs Polovceva 67 61 40 08