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Abraham “Memel” SELIGMANAge: 92 years19202012

Abraham “Memel” SELIGMAN
Given names
אברהם זליגמן
Birth June 15, 1920 (Sivan 29, 5680) 42
Montreal, Quebec, Canada - מונטריאל, קנדה

Birth of a brotherJacob “Jakie” SELIGMAN
1921 (5681) (Age 6 months)
Montreal, Quebec, Canada - מונטריאל, קנדה

Birth of a sisterSarah “Sally” SELIGMAN
1923 (5683) (Age 2 years)
Montreal, Quebec, Canada - מונטריאל, קנדה

Death of a paternal grandfatherDavid Meyer ZELIKMAN
1925 (5685) (Age 4 years)
Slobodka, Poland (Belarus) - סלבודקה, פולין (בלארוס)

Death of a motherChana HERMAN
November 30, 1946 (Kislev 7, 5707) (Age 26 years)
Montreal, Quebec, Canada - מונטריאל, קנדה

Note: Burial -
Death of a half-brotherJack “Yankel” SELIGMAN
September 18, 1965 (Elul 21, 5725) (Age 45 years)
Montreal, Quebec, Canada - מונטריאל, קנדה

Note: Burial -
Death of a half-sisterBertha DORZORCEVA
May 31, 1969 (Sivan 14, 5729) (Age 48 years)
Montreal, Quebec, Canada - מונטריאל, קנדה

Note: Burial -
Death of a fatherChaim Eliyahu SELIGMAN
December 14, 1973 (Kislev 19, 5734) (Age 53 years)
Montreal, Quebec, Canada - מונטריאל, קנדה

Note: Burial -
Death of a half-brotherHarry SELIGMAN
July 8, 1982 (Tamuz 17, 5742) (Age 62 years)
Montreal, Quebec, Canada - מונטריאל, קנדה

Source: R109
Note: Burial -
Death of a half-brotherIsrael SELIGMAN
September 13, 1985 (Elul 27, 5745) (Age 65 years)
Montreal, Quebec, Canada - מונטריאל, קנדה

Note: Burial -
Death of a sisterSarah “Sally” SELIGMAN
August 25, 1988 (Elul 12, 5748) (Age 68 years)
Montreal, Quebec, Canada - מונטריאל, קנדה

Death of a half-sisterFanny SELIGMAN
1991 (5751) (Age 70 years)
Montreal, Quebec, Canada - מונטריאל, קנדה


Hebrew: ממל
Death November 5, 2012 (Heshvan 20, 5773) (Age 92 years) Age: 92
Montreal, Quebec, Canada - מונטריאל, קנדה

Address: St. Anne's Veteran's Hospital
Cause of death: Natural causes

Address line 1: 522 Canterbury
Address line 2: Chomedy
City: Laval
State: Quebec
Country: Canada
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Abraham “Memel” SELIGMAN
אברהם זליגמן
Birth: June 15, 1920 (Sivan 29, 5680) 42Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Death: November 5, 2012 (Heshvan 20, 5773)Montreal, Quebec, Canada
19 months
younger brother
Jacob “Jakie” SELIGMAN
יעקב זליגמן
Birth: 1921 (5681) 42Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Death: February 23, 2015 (Adar 4, 5775)Montreal, Quebec, Canada
3 years
younger sister
Sarah “Sally” SELIGMAN
שרה זליגמן
Birth: 1923 (5683) 44Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Death: August 25, 1988 (Elul 12, 5748)Montreal, Quebec, Canada
-5 years
elder brother
Child - 6 SELIGMAN
ילד - 6 זליגמן
Birth: 1917 (5677) 38Lachine, Quebec, Canada
Death: 1917 (5677)Lachine, Quebec, Canada
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Harry SeligmanHarry SELIGMAN
הרי גטצל זליגמן
Birth: June 10, 1906 (Sivan 17, 5666) 28Lachine, Quebec, Canada
Death: July 8, 1982 (Tamuz 17, 5742)Montreal, Quebec, Canada
3 years
Nathan Isaac SELIGMAN
נתן יצחק זליגמן
Birth: August 5, 1909 (Av 18, 5669) 31Lachine, Quebec, Canada
Death: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
5 months
Jack “Yankel” SELIGMAN
יעקב זליגמן
Birth: January 1, 1910 (Tevet 20, 5670) 31Lachine, Quebec, Canada
Death: September 18, 1965 (Elul 21, 5725)Montreal, Quebec, Canada
5 years
Fanny SeligmanFanny SELIGMAN
פני זליגמן
Birth: 1914 (5674) 35Lachine, Quebec, Canada
Death: 1991 (5751)Montreal, Quebec, Canada
2 years
ישראל זליגמן
Birth: May 11, 1916 (Iyar 8, 5676) 37Lachine, Quebec, Canada
Death: September 13, 1985 (Elul 27, 5745)Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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Bertha Dorzorcheva SeligmanBertha DORZORCEVA
בתיה ברטה דזורשבה
Birth: July 6, 1907 (Tamuz 24, 5667)Ekaterinoslav, Russia (Ukraine)
Death: May 31, 1969 (Sivan 14, 5729)Montreal, Quebec, Canada

SourceDavid Seligman (Canada) - genealogical research
SourceMiriam Seligman Charron - personal testimony
SourceMark Seligman - genealogical research
Publication: Spencer B. Seligman Family Tree on (password protected)
Memel was in the Canadian artillery during WW2 and landed with his regiment, 14th Field Regiment, 3rd Division, on the morning of D-Day about 9:20 am.? He drove a tank off of a landing craft into the water, sunk to the bottom and then drove out onto the beach. Though he never fired a shot on the beach, the tank which emerged out of the water near him was hit. He said he was one of the very few who wasn't violently sea sick on the crossing the night before, and his main worry was that his tank wouldn't have been sealed properly and he would drown on leaving the landing craft. He fought through to the end of war. Mail from Clive Seligman - 18/9/2012 Juno Beach, D Day Juno beach was five miles wide and stretched on either side of Courseulles-sur-Mer. The 3rd Canadian Infantry Division with the 2nd Canadian Armoured Brigade under command landed in two brigade groups,the 7th Canadian Infantry Brigade and the 8th Canadian Infantry Brigade, Each Brigade had three Infantry Battalions and an armoured regiment in support, 2 artillery field regiments (including the 14th Field Reg.), combat engineer companies and extra units from the 79th Armoured Division. The Fort Garry Horse tanks (10th Armoured Regiment) supported the 7th brigade landing on the left and the 1st Hussars tanks (6th Armoured Regiment) supported the landing on the right. The 9th Canadian Infantry Brigade was kept in reserve and landed later that day and advanced through the lead brigades. The Sherbrooke Fusiliers tanks (27th Armoured Regiment) provided tank support. The initial assault was carried out by: North Shore Regiment on the left at St. Aubin (Nan Red beach) Queen's Own Rifles in the centre at Bernières (Nan White beach) Regina Rifles at Courseulles (Nan Green beach) Royal Winnipeg Rifles on the western edge of Courseulles (Mike Red and Mike Green beaches) In the first hour of the assault on Juno Beach, the Canadian forces suffered approximately 50% casualty rates, comparable to those suffered by the Americans at Omaha Beach. Once the Canadians cleared the seawall (about an hour after leaving the transports) they started to advance quickly inland and had a much easier time subduing the German defences than the Americans at Omaha had. By noon, the entire 3rd Canadian Division was ashore and leading elements had pushed several kilometres inland to seize bridges over the Seulles River. By 6:00 pm they had captured the town of Saint-Aubin-sur-Mer. A 1st Hussars armoured troop reached its objective along with men of The Queen's Own Rifles of Canada before nightfall, when both units moved 15 km inland and crossed the Caen-Bayeux highway. However, this troop was forced to pull back because they had passed the supporting infantry. By the end of D-Day the 3rd Canadian Division had penetrated farther into France than any other Allied force, though counter-attacks by elements of two German armoured divisions would stop any further movement for several weeks. None of the assault divisions, including 3rd Canadian Division, had managed to secure their D-Day objectives, which lay inland, although the Canadians came closer than any other Allied formation. By the end of the next day, the Canadian forces had linked up with the British forces that had landed at Sword Beach.