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Robin Gertrude HIRSHHORNAge: 81 years19232005

Robin Gertrude HIRSHHORN
Given names
Robin Gertrude
Married name
Robin Gertrude COHEN
רובין גרטרוד הירשהורן
Birth September 26, 1923 (Tishrei 16, 5684)
New York, New York State, USA - ניו יורק, ארה"ב

Boston, Massachusetts, USA - בוסטון, ארה"ב

Address: 44 Adams Ave Watertown, MA USA
Phone: + 1 (617) 924-3746
Death February 2, 2005 (Shevat 23, 5765) (Age 81 years)
Boston, Massachusetts, USA - בוסטון, ארה"ב

Cause of death: Two successive strokes about 1 year and a half apart

SourceJewish Gen Family Finder - Family Tree 15822, Gene LePere - genealogical research
Publication: Gene Hirshhorn-LePere []
Notes for ROBIN GERTRUDE HIRSHHORN: Robin and her husband, Bob raised three wonderful children - all educated and high achievers. Robin herself received her undergraduate degree at Mount Holyoke college and, after her children were born went on to obtain a Master's Degree in Eduation, specializing in the teaching of teachers. She was much loved by everyone who knew her.