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John Smart

John SMARTAge: 90 years19031993

Given names
ג'ון סמרט
Birth October 25, 1903 (Heshvan 4, 5664) 37 31
Chicago, Illinois, USA - שיקגו, ארה"ב

Note: From 1910 U.S. census (note by Matt Nickerson)
Birth of a sisterFlorence “Flossie” SMART
1903 (5663)
Death of a paternal grandmotherSheina “Jennie” MOREELL
May 13, 1917 (Iyar 21, 5677) (Age 13 years)
St. Louis, Missouri, USA - סנט לואיס, ארה"ב

Shenia Fleishman Death: May 13, 1917 Burial: Beth Hamedrosh Hagodol Cemetery 9125 Ladue Road Saint Louis MO 63124 USA Phone: + 1 (314) 991-0264 Record added: Jul 23, 2009 Find A Grave Memorial# 39782748
Marriage of a siblingDavid Archibald “Dave” SMARTGaby ASHFORDView this family
1942 (5702) (Age 38 years)

Death of a brotherAlfred “Al” SMART
1951 (5711) (Age 47 years)
Chicago, Illinois, USA - שיקגו, ארה"ב

Note: From "Nothing but People: The Early Days of Esquire," by Arnold Gingrich (note by Matt Nickerson)

Death of a brotherDavid Archibald “Dave” SMART
October 16, 1952 (Tishrei 27, 5713) (Age 48 years)
Chicago, Illinois, USA - שיקגו, ארה"ב

Death of a fatherLaser SMARDON
1956 (5716) (Age 52 years)
Chicago, Illinois, USA - שיקגו, ארה"ב

Death of a sisterVera SMART
September 1960 (Elul 5720) (Age 56 years)
Chicago, Illinois, USA - שיקגו, ארה"ב

Publisher of Esquire Magazine.

Employer: Esquire, Inc.

Address: 74 Pin Oak Lane, Wilton, CT, 06897-1329, USA
Employer: Smart Family Foundation, Inc.
Phone: + 1 914-632-2762
Fax: + 1 203-834-0412
Note: John Smart was a donor to the Smart Family Foundation trust established in 1951 in IL, with assets o…
Death November 29, 1993 (Kislev 15, 5754) (Age 90 years)
Greenwich, Connecticut, USA - גרינוויץ', ארה"ב

Cause of death: Stroke
Note: New York Times
Family with parents - View this family
Marriage: Omaha, Nebraska, USA
elder sister
Vera Smart EldenVera SMART
ורה סמרט
Birth: December 31, 1898 (Tevet 18, 5659) 32 26Chicago, Illinois, USA
Death: September 1960 (Elul 5720)Chicago, Illinois, USA
-6 years
elder brother
David SmartDavid Archibald “Dave” SMART
דוד סמרט
Birth: October 4, 1892 (Tishrei 13, 5653) 26 20Omaha, Nebraska, USA
Death: October 16, 1952 (Tishrei 27, 5713)Chicago, Illinois, USA
20 months
elder brother
Alfred SmartAlfred “Al” SMART
אלפרד סמרט
Birth: June 17, 1894 (Sivan 13, 5654) 28 22Omaha, Nebraska, USA
Death: 1951 (5711)Chicago, Illinois, USA
10 years
10 months
John SmartJohn SMART
ג'ון סמרט
Birth: October 25, 1903 (Heshvan 4, 5664) 37 31Chicago, Illinois, USA
Death: November 29, 1993 (Kislev 15, 5754)Greenwich, Connecticut, USA

SourceGeni Website
Robert Feitler on June 2, 2009
SourceElla Fleishman-Auerbach & Dorothy Fleishman-Schucart - personal testimonies
Publication: 'Fleishman Family History''' by Ella Fleishman Auerbach of Omaha NE, USA. 1965. Fleishman family hostory by Dorothy Fleishman Schucart, Los Angeles, USA. 1985.
SourceSimon Family Genealogy Website
Publication: Simon Family Genealogy was initiated in 2005 by Alan and Fred Simon in anticipation of a family reunion held in Omaha, NE in the summer of 2009. At that time, it included approximately 1,000 descendants of Lazar Shames, dating back to 1825.
John Smart Birth: 25 Oct 1903 in Chicago, IL Marriage: 12 Jan 1941 in Chicago, IL Death: 1994 in Greenwich, CT
From 1910 U.S. census (note by Matt Nickerson)
John Smart was a donor to the Smart Family Foundation trust established in 1951 in IL, with assets of over $151 million in 2002. The foundation is primarily interested in education projects and has, in particular, been focusing on projects that affect primary and secondary school children. Smart also supported Jewish philanthropy and a number of projects in Israel. It furnishes seed money and program-related investments/loans. Quoted from The Foundation Directory, 2005 Edition. Smart Family Foundation The Smart Family Foundation is based on the success of the business enterprises of David and Alfred Smart. The Smarts had originally been an immigrant family who had come to the United States from Russia and settled in Omaha, Nebraska. In 1900, the family moved to Chicago and, like many other struggling newcomers, settled on the West Side in a blue-collar neighborhood. David and Alfred built a highly successful magazine publishing business starting in the 1930’s. (This included Esquire Magazine). In an effort to use their success for philanthropic ends, the Smart Foundation was established in 1951.After the deaths of Alfred and David, Esquire Inc., began a period of expansion and diversification under the leadership of John Smart and Abe Blinder. John Smart along with his wife, Gwen Meyerson Smart, also born to immigrant parents in the Midwest, were a dynamic combination. Since 2003, the Smart Family Foundation has generously supported the Buehler Center’s mission through annual gifts that have funded piot projects, provided integral bridge funding for larger projects as well as for the continued growth of our academic and public profile by supporting events such as the Smart Symposium.
New York Times John Smart, Publisher; And Philanthropist, 88 Published: December 1, 1993 John Smart, a retired New York publisher, philanthropist and former chairman of Esquire Inc., died on Monday at Greenwich Hospital in Connecticut. A resident of Greenwich, he was 88. The cause was complications following a stroke, his family said. In recent years Mr. Smart devoted much of his time to the philanthropic activities of the Smart Family Foundation, based in Greenwich. The foundation had assets of close to $50 million in 1990. It chiefly supports education, focusing on projects that aid primary and secondary schoolchildren. Mr. Smart also supported Jewish philanthropy and a number of projects in Israel. Mr. Smart and his two older brothers, David and Alfred, founded Apparel Arts, a trade publication, in 1931. That was followed two years later by Esquire magazine. After his brothers died in the early 1950's, Mr. Smart took charge of the organization. He stabilized Esquire and converted Apparel Arts into the more successful Gentlemen's Quarterly. The parent company was Esquire, Inc., which also produced educational materials and textbooks. Esquire, Inc. sold Gentlemen's Quarterly and Esquire magazine in the late 1970's and was itself acquired by Gulf and Western in 1983. Mr. Smart's wife, Gwen, died several years ago. He is survived by three daughters, Mary Smart Churba of New Rochelle, N.Y., Nancy Smart of Manhattan, and Ellen Smart Oswald of Burlingame, Calif; a son, Raymond L., of Greenwich, and five grandchildren.
“David and Alfred Smart were workers in the labor force of the arts...As such, they would be pleased and honored today to know that their efforts to broaden the appreciation of art will be carried on, in their name, and on the highest level.” –John Smart, Smart Family Foundation, groundbreaking, October 29, 1974 The Smart Museum is named for brothers David and Alfred Smart, entrepreneurs who capitalized on a previously overlooked market for male fashion and culture. Their formidable Chicago-based publishing empire became known as Esquire, Inc, after the jewel in its crown, Esquire: The Magazine for Men, which was first published in 1933. They went on to launch other magazines—Apparel Arts, the parent magazine of today’s GQ, in 1931; Coronet in 1936; Verve in 1937; and Ken in 1938. The Smart brothers also founded Coronet Instructional Films in the late 1930s, a production company inspired by David’s home movie hobby. After David and Alfred passed away, their youngest brother, John, took the helm of the family business. Under his leadership, the Smart Family Foundation determined to found the museum. Since then, the Smart family and its Foundation have stayed active in the museum, encouraging—through their continued financial support and guidance—the support of many others, equally dedicated to the visual arts.