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Harry Gillis

Harry GILLISAge: 91 years19292020

הרי גיליס
Birth April 30, 1929 (Nissan 20, 5689) 33
Oudtshoorn, South Africa - אודטסהורן, דרום אפריקה

Death of a fatherArthur GILLIS
March 10, 1953 (Adar 23, 5713) (Age 23 years)
Oudtshoorn, South Africa - אודטסהורן, דרום אפריקה

Death of a paternal grandmotherAugusta SANDMAN
September 10, 1960 (Elul 18, 5720) (Age 31 years) Age: 102
Johannesburg, South Africa - יוהנסבורג, דרום אפריקה

Death of a motherLily Leah ISAACS
January 15, 1961 (Tevet 27, 5721) (Age 31 years)
Oudtshoorn, South Africa - אודטסהורן, דרום אפריקה

Death of a brotherCedric GILLIS
March 4, 2010 (Adar 18, 5770) (Age 80 years)
Cape Town, South Africa - קאפ טאון, דרום אפריקה

Address: Pinelands 2 Cemetery
Cedric Gillis Yitzchak ben Avraham Gender Male Yahrzeit Adar 18 Date Of Death 04/03/2010 Date Of Burial 07/03/2010 Family Tribe Synagogue Green & Sea Point H.C. Cemetary Pinelands 2 Grave Number WJ 251
Tobacco, Gillis Bros.

Death July 2020 (Tamuz 5780) (Age 91 years)
Note: This week we laid our dear dad, granddad and great grandad Harry Gillis to rest and I feel compelled…

City: Cape Town
Country: South Africa
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ארתור אברהם גיליס
Birth: 1896 (5656) 38 38Oudtshoorn, South Africa
Death: March 10, 1953 (Adar 23, 5713)Oudtshoorn, South Africa
elder brother
יצחק סדריק גיליס
Birth: October 12, 1923 (Heshvan 2, 5684) 27Oudtshoorn, South Africa
Death: March 4, 2010 (Adar 18, 5770)Cape Town, South Africa
6 years
Harry GillisHarry GILLIS
הרי גיליס
Birth: April 30, 1929 (Nissan 20, 5689) 33Oudtshoorn, South Africa
Death: July 2020 (Tamuz 5780)Cape Town, South Africa

SourceNorman Gillis - genealogical research
SourceMiriam Margolyes - genealogical research
This week we laid our dear dad, granddad and great grandad Harry Gillis to rest and I feel compelled to write what is on my mind. Dad’s passing was sad, but not tragic, given his wonderful 91 years on earth. In his latter years we were blessed to have him looked after by people who I can only refer to as angels. Firstly Carers for You led by the brilliant Jenny Mendelson and so ably professionally assisted by Taryn Collinet. The carers themselves Sibulele Banti and Portia Bacela could not have been more capable, obliging and kind. All of their genuine love and respect for my Dad was palpable to behold. The medical team of doctors Anthony Smith and Howard Chait were there every step of the way. Always available to us and concerned to a degree that is rare to find these days. They were forever researching latest treatments just to give Dad some more comfort. Without a shadow of doubt, had this group not have been so devoted and dedicated my Dad would not have survived the extra two years and eight months that he did after we were called to ICU in October 2017 to say goodbye to him. The medical team then were sure that Dad would not make it through that night. In my day job I have devoted a career to service excellence, and have witnessed this in action in many industries. What the medical and care team did for Dad rates up there with the best that I have ever observed and all of this was done with love and dedication. My family and I am forever in debt to you for the way that you gave dignity to an old man and allowed him to see all of his five grandchildren wed and three great grandchildren born. After the funeral on Sunday we had a (socially distanced) meal together as is our custom and Mom remarked that watching all of us together was Dad’s greatest pleasure. Team Harry Gillis, you made this possible. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Oudtshoorn council mamber. United Hebrew Institutions 1968-79.