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Helen GOLDBERG1919

Given names
הלן גולדברג
Married name
הלן הליקמן
Birth September 16, 1919 (Elul 21, 5679)
New York, New York State, USA - ניו יורק, ארה"ב

Birth of a daughter
Evelyn Marilyn “Cookie” HALICKMAN
August 15, 1942 (Elul 2, 5702) (Age 22 years)
Montreal, Quebec, Canada - מונטריאל, קנדה

Death of a husbandDov Ber “Bennie” HALICKMAN
August 5, 1991 (Av 25, 5751) (Age 71 years)
Montreal, Quebec, Canada - מונטריאל, קנדה

Publication: The Baron de Hirsch-Back River Cemeteries Inc. is responsible for the care and upkeep of two of Montreal's oldest Jewish Cemeteries, the Baron de Hirsch Cemetery and the Back River Memorial Gardens Cemetery. The BDH Community Foundation and other large and small affiliates, synagogues and burial societies own land in both cemeteries. The grounds of the Baron de Hirsch Cemetery, founded in 1905, are the final resting place of many people who contributed to Jewish life in Montreal and elsewhere and are well worth exploring. Here you will find memorials to victims of the Holocaust, touching, poetic and interesting epitaphs, and the graves of a Titanic victim, famous rabbis, well-known authors and other prominent Canadians.
BENNIE HALICKMAN BDH de la Savane B.H.Nusach Hoari Old (C13) Line: 12R Grave #: 244 Burial date 1991-08-06
Death of a daughterEvelyn Marilyn “Cookie” HALICKMAN
October 13, 2022 (Tishrei 18, 5783) (Age 103 years)
Address: Burial: Baron De Hirsch Cemetery, Back River Cemeteries Inc, 5015 De La Savane St, Montreal, Quebec H4P 1V1, Canada
Note: Evelyn (Cookie) Seligman
Miami, Florida, USA - מיאמי, ארה"ב

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Evelyn SeligmanEvelyn Marilyn “Cookie” HALICKMAN
אוולין מרילין הליקמן
Birth: August 15, 1942 (Elul 2, 5702) 26 22Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Death: October 13, 2022 (Tishrei 18, 5783)Montreal, Quebec, Canada

SourceDavid Seligman (Canada) - genealogical research
SourceMiriam Seligman Charron - personal testimony