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Whether born in Oudtshoorn, Sunderland, Glasgow, Saratoga, Johannesburg, Sydney or London, all of us had a Gillis ancestor born in Kretinga.

This part of the site opens a window on Kretinga, a beautiful town near the Baltic coast of Lithuania, that specialised in products made from amber, or bernstein in both Yiddish and German. 

You will see the faces of those who left Kretinga for the shores of north-east England, together with much of their community, to form a unique 'Shtetl' in Sunderland; and trace others who made their way to South Africa to raise Ostriches for their feathers.
Other sections of the site are dynamic (well they should be).  These display pictures of past, present and future family members, or documents connected to them.  This will only become interesting if we are able to update, so I may pester you!

The links will connect you to related family sites and to resources for genealogical research.
Sadly not all Gillis' managed to leave and we will follow the tragic fate of those who stayed behind. Observe how all Kretinga Gillis' are connected to one huge clan, whose lines you can track through the family tree.

The Gillis Family of Kretinga
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