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The Joffe Family of Kraslava
The Joffes are beautiful people! Not a boastful claim, but a literal translation of the Hebrew word yafe, meaning beautiful.

Joffe, Yaffe, Jaffe or Iofe are variant spellings of the same name and there are those who claim noble origins of he Joffe clan, taking the lineage back through Rashi, Hillel the Elder to King David!

Here we take a less regal look at Kraslava, the ancestral shtetl of the Joffe family. The town is picturesquely located on the Dvina (Daugava) river in present-day Latvia, but previously part of the Czarist Pale of Settlement. This site will try to follow the lives of those who left for better lives elsewhere and of those who did not leave in time.

See how you are connected to the Joffe family and follow the relationships through the family tree. The Joffe family tree relates also to other families from Kraslava including Aronson, Schlosberg, Chill, Cicoriev. Raichlin and Yachad.

The links connect you to related family sites and other Joffe families.
Other sections of the site are dynamic (well they should be).  These display pictures of past and present family members  and  documents connected to them. This will only become interesting if we are able to update, so I may pester you!