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Family Tree
The Family Tree
Genealogical data can be computerised using a myriad programmes.  The original programme used to collate the data available here is DoroTree, chosen because it is specifically designed to meet the requirements of Jewish genealogy - especially the possibility to place Latin and Hebrew characters side-by-side; the use of the Hebrew calendar with direct transfer from Gregorian to Hebrew dates; and the fact that it relates to Bar Mitzvahs rather than Christenings etc.  This information was initially transferred to the PhpGedView interactive geneological viewer and later to the more advanced Webtrees platform.
Why is Some of the Information Wrong and How Can it Be Corrected?
The raw data for the family trees have been collated from many sources and not all is fully verifiable.  Inevitably, the further I retreat from my immediate family, the ability to discover accurate facts and figures becomes more complex.  So first of all I apologise if I spelt your name wrong or made you ten years older than you really are, but the next move is up to you.  Unfortunately the site is not dynamic and you will not be able to correct information online.  So please DO contact me and I will correct all errors forthwith.
Family trees, by their very nature, contain vital data.  Where this information concerns the deceased there should be no reason to obstruct public access, but data relating to the living can be abused and misused.  Hence detailed information can only be accessed with a password.  This can be obtained, at my discretion, by applying for a user name on the home page of the family tree or by emailing me.
Privacy and Getting a Password
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