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The Album of the Seligman Family in Slobodka
Golda, Shai and Chaya-Malca Nemenchinski

The older daughter of David Meyer and Sara Leah Seligman was Golda.  She married Yeshayahu (Shai) Nemenchinski and had moved to Kovno (Kaunus), then the capital of independent Lithuania. Shai was a wholesale produce merchant.  They had one daughter - Chaya Malca, who was a nurse.  Chaya, together with her new husband (we do no know his name) had made Aliyah in 1934 to Tel Aviv.  Tragically, for reasons that are still unclear, they returned to Kovno three years later, only to be caught up in the events of the holocaust.
Sara Leah & the Nemenchinskis
Golda and Shai
At Home in Slobodka
A Visit to Kovno - 1937
Sara Leah, Chaya-Malca, Golda, Shai
on back in Yiddish - Souvenir to the Zeligman family from the Nemenchinski family. Kovno 28/7/1937.
Golda & Shai Nemechinski - 1935
on back in Yiddish - Preparing for the journey. Souvenir to our brother and sister (Leibe and Mary). Yeshayahu and Bente Nemenchinski. Kaunus. 7/9/1935.
A Nephew Visits Slobodka - 1932
A visit of Sara Leah's nephew, Zvi-Harry Davidovitz from the USA. Davidovitz was a rabbi and a translator. Golda, Sara Leah, Zvi-Harry, Chaya Malca,Taybe & Beni Chazin.
on back in Yiddish - Souvenir to my dear children from your dear mother. With love, Sara Leah Zelikman. Slobodka, 11/9/1932.
Getzel & Chaya
Chaya Malca
Chaya Malca
Chaya Malca
Chaya Malca
Chaya-Malca Nemenchinski
on back in Yiddish - Souvenir to dear uncle Getzel, from your niece, Chaya, Slobodka, 7/7/1931.
Chaya-Malca Nemenchinski
on back in Yiddish - Souvenir to the uncles, aunt and dearest 'little brothers' from the niece. Chaya Malca, Kaunus, 13/9/1930.
Chaya & Getzel
on back in Yiddish - Souvenir to my dear brother and sister and Goodinke, from your dear brother and niece.  Getzel and Chaya. Slobodka, 11/9/1931. (Photo sent to Leib, Goodinke is of course Gus-Noam)
on back in Yiddish - 1) Souvenir from Chaya Malca on my birthday, Kaunus, 13/9/1928. 2) Souvenir to dearest my 'Baba' from the niece, Chaya Malca. Kovno 10/11/1929.
Chaya-Malca Nemenchinski
Two Candidates for Palestine
on back in Yiddish - Two candidates for Palestine.  These are the two Malcas, from your Malca, Kaunus 3/11/1934.
(Picture in HeHalutz uniform prior to Aliyah, the second Malca is unknown)
Chaya-Malca Nemenchinski
on back in Yiddish - Before departure. Souvenir to my two dear uncles (Getzel and Leibe) from your Malca. Kovno, 28/8/1937.
on back in Yiddish - Souvenir to my dear Uncle. From your Chaya, 18/9/1933
(in Zionist youth movement uniform, probably HeHalutz)
on back in Yiddish - This is the best smile I could manage when they made me sit for the photograph. Your Malca.  Kovno 3/11/1934
Chaya-Malca with Husband and Friends in Tel Aviv
on back in Yiddish - Souvenir to my dear Uncle Getzel. Malca. Tel Aviv 5/2/1937
(Malca came to Tel Aviv around 1934 and tragically returned to Kovno in 1937)
Malca and Leibe Swartzman

Malca was the second daughter of David-Meyer and Sara Leah.  Malca married her cousin Liebe Swartzman from Kraslava and they initially established their home in the shtetl of Shemeli, on the road connecting Kraslava to Slobodka, and later in Slobodka itself.  There is some confusion concerning the number of children in the family.  We know certainly that the eldest two were daughters - Shulamit and Mary.  Information from the list of holocaust victims for Slobodka suggests that a third child was also born.
Shulamit Swartzman
Leibe Swartzman
Liff Family
Malca Swartzman
Shulamit & Mary
Shulamit & Mary
Mary & Shulamit
on back in Russian - For a good memory. To our Uncle and Aunt from the nieces  Shula and Mary.
Malca Zelikman-Swartzman and Leibe Swartzman, her first cousin and husband.
Shulamit & Mary
on back in Polish - Souvenir from your cousins. Shula and Mary.
Shulamit Swartzman
The Girls with the Liff Family
In a photograph of the Liff family from Slobodka, Shulamit and Mary can be identified in front on the left (marked with red dots).  In the second row is Israel and Shlomo Liff.
Chasia and Israel Joffe

Chasia was the third daughter of the family.  She married Israel Joffe and went to live with him in Druya, a small town on the Polish-Latvian border some 25 kilometres north of Slobodka.  Israel was a photographer, with studios in Druya and in the nearby town of Leonpol.  They had three children, on which only the eldest daughter (Ester) can be named.  The family were all victims of the Nazi slaughter of the Jews of Druya in 1942.
Joffe child
Israel Joffe
Chasia and children
Israel and Children
Israel Joffe
On back in Yiddish - A souvenir to my brothers and sister in law who I have never met. Leib and Mary. Vilna, 9/5/1932.
Ester Joffe
On back in Russian - A good memory. To my dearest Uncle, Aunt and brother Guttman.  From Etti Joffe. Druya, 28/1/1931.
Chasia with two Children
On back in Yiddish - שנה טובה
Happy Rosh Hashana
To my brother, Sister-in-law and Nephews, Chasia Joffe. Druya, 21/9/1932.
Israel Joffe
Israel Joffe and L. Joffe - Photographers, Leonpol
On back in Yiddish - Souvenir to Getzel Zelikman from Israel Joffe, Druya, 20/7/1934.
L. Joffe was probably Israel's brother and partner in the photographic business.

Luba and Mordechai Chazin

Luba was the youngest daughter of David-Meyer and Sara-Leah. She stayed in Slobodka where she married Leibe's best friend - Mordechai (Motel) Chazin.  They managed a general store in the shtetl.  They had two children, Tayba (Tova) and Beni.  Apparently the family hid with a peasant in Gavrielosk (Hawrylowce), a hamlet just north of Slobodka.  The family were caught by the Germans and killed.
Luba & Mordachai
Luba and Taibke Chazin?
Mordachai & Luba
Chazin Family Outing
Tayba Chazin
Luba with Taibke Chazin
Luba probably together with her sister-in-law - Taibke Chazin.  She also lived in Slobodka with her husband and child.
Mordechai and Luba - A Tragic Message
On back in Russian - A memory to my dear brother before his departure (Leibe's emigration to South Africa).  Look and Remember. Send for us soon.  Don't forget. Wishing you happiness and a long life.  Yours, Luba and Motya.  Slobodka. 1/3/1928.
The Chazins
On back in Russian - A souvenir on the departure of my brother (Getzel) to Africa, 25/4/1934.  Remember and cherish.  Luba and Motya.  Slobodka.
Tayba and Beni Chazin
Tayba Chazin
On back in Russian - I send my photo to my cousin Guttinski and await your photograph.  I would like to meet you but we can acquaint ourselves by corresponding.  Keep a copy of my photograph at six months old.  Tayba. Slobodka. 28/8/1929.
On the Lake Side
A trip to the beach around 1934 - probably beside the lake at Slobodka or Braslav.
Tayba, Luba, Shulamit Swartzman, Mordechai with Beni, Malca Swartzman and Taibke Chazin.
Tayba in the Snow
On back in Russian -Souvenir for my Uncle, Aunt and brother Guttinski.  Three years old.  Tayba. 1931.

Beni Chazin
On back in Russian -Meet our fidgity son who wouldn't stop moving during the photographic shoot. Thank God he is still a wonderful boy. Luba.
Tayba on a Chair
A souvenir to dear Uncle Yankel from Tayba and Beni. 29/7/1937.
Don't worry that one side of my face seems higher than the other. Thank God, everything is fine, that is how the photographer pictured me
Tayba and Beni
On back in Russian - Souvenir to our Uncle, Aunt and cousins from your cousins, Tayba and Beni.  29/7/1934.
Beni with his Sled in Slobodka
Chazin Colonial Goods
The New House
Family Gatherings at Home in Slobodka

Family get togethers where the family would gather from Kovno, Shemeli, Kraslava, Druya, Disna and Slobodka would have been quite difficult to organise but the effort was made and recorded in the album.
In Slobodka
In Slobodka
In Slobodka
Luba with Beni on her Lap and Tayba with Ball
A Copy of Leibe's House
In the window of the house under construction are Mordechai Chazin and Getzel.

SKLEP Colonial-Gelanteria, M. Chazin
On back in Russian -Meet our new shop.  I send you deep heartfelt greetings.  In a week I"ll see you with Beinas. The whole family salutes you. Good wishes and kisses. Luba.
In Front of the House in Slobodka
Getzel, Mordechai, Sonia Swartzman, Leibe Swartzman, ?, Luba, Malca with Mary, Shulamit, Israel Joffe  with son, Ester Joffe, Yankel.
Zvi-Harry Davidowitz visits Slobodka in 1932
Top: ?, Golda, Chasia, Israel Joffe with Ester.
Mid: Getzel, ?, Sara-Leah, Zvi Davidowitz, Chaya-Malca
Lower: Mordechai, Tayba, Luba, Srol-Getzel.

Outside the House - 1932
Top: Srol-Getzel, Israel with child, Chasia, ?.
Mid: Malca, Leibe Swartzman, Sara-Leah, Golda with Mary, Ester Joffe and brother.
Lower: Luba with Tayba, Chaya-Malca with Shulamit
The Last Family Pictures - 1937

The last pictures sent from Slobodka to South Africa were photographed in 1937.  The normal lives that these images so clearly exhibit would soon be replaced with brutality and death.  While those who left Slobodka in the late twenties and early thirties would find new lives in South Africa, of all those whose faces we see here, only Srol-Getzel would survive the holocaust.
The Family in 1937
The Family in 1937
Luba, Mordechai, Tayba, Sara-Leah and Beni
On back in Russian - A souvenir to dearest brothers, sisters and cousins from your family. Chazin. 1/11/1937.
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