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The Seligman Family of Slobodka
you see the faces of those who did not leave in time; see how you are connected and you will be able to follow relationships through the family tree.
Other sections of the site are dynamic (well they should be).  These display pictures of past, present and future family members, or documents connected to them.  This will only become interesting if we are able to update, so I may pester you!

The links will connect you to related family sites and even to other Seligman families.
Whether born in Montreal, Tel Aviv, Johannesburg, New York, Bisbee, Dvinsk or London, all of us had an ancestor born in Slobodka.

This part of the site opens a window on Slobodka (you be  happy  you were  not born there),
The Directory, which requires a password, will provide you with the contact list for today's Seligmans.

As a complete Web site novice, suggestions for improvements are most welcome.
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