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The Seligman Family Tree

Family trees, by their very nature, contain vital data.  Where this information concerns the deceased there should be no reason to obstruct public access, but data relating to the living can be abused and misused.  Hence detailed information can only be accessed with a password.  This can be obtained, at my discretion, by applying for a user name on the home page of the family tree or by emailing  me.

Why is Some of the Information Wrong and How Can it be Corrected?

The raw data for the family tree has been collated from many sources and not all is fully verifiable.  Inevitably, the further I retreat from my immediate family, the ability to discover accurate facts and figures becomes more complex.  So first of all I apologise if I spelt your name wrong or made you ten years older than you really are, but the next move is up to you.  All you have to do is get a password and correct the information online yourself.  If this is not convenient please DO contact me and I will correct all errors forthwith.


Elyokim-Getzel Zelikman is the earliest recorded member of the family.  He probably lived in Slobodka, then in Czarist Russia, though there is a possibility that the family originated in Dvinsk, a large town on the River Dvina to the north-west of Slobodka.  Elyokim-Getzel was probably born in the early nineteenth century. While we have no record of his wife we do know that he had at least three children - David Meyer, Israel and Sara.
The Seligman - Zelikman Family Tree
David Meyer and Israel resided in Slobodka, where they raised large families, while Sara married Shneor Zand and moved to Dvinsk.  Only the sons of David-Meyer and one daughter of Sara migrated (to Canada and South Africa) prior to World War Two.  Many of the family members who remained in Slobodka, Druya, Braslav, Nowo Pohost, Disna, Dvinsk, Prieli, Vilna and Kovno were murdered by the Nazis, though descendents of Israel and Sara survived and migrated later. Today the Seligman / Zelikman family can be found in Israel, South Africa, Canada, England, Sweden, Denmark, USA and in Russia.  
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