Photo Album - Shirley Seligman
Shirley Seligman
Wedding of Julius Lederman
Shirley's Grandparents
Lily and Issy
Shirley as a Child
Shirley as a Child
In Habonim
Shirley in the 50s
Getting Engaged
Getting Married
Shirley and Dov - 1956
At Gus and Ilana's Jo'burg Wedding
In France with the Lambretta
Jon and Gideon
Trip to Israel in 1965
The Children
Late 60s and Early 70s
Israel and London - 1972
At Jon's Barmitzvah
The Ledermans
Timna and Shirley
In the Pool at Ramat Efal
The House in India
Tevye and Goldeh
The Hina
Jon and Vered Get Married
Gideon and Lynn Get Married
The First Grandchild - Daniel
In the Drakensberg
Patrol Street
98 Hampstead Way
Shirley and Dov
The Grandchildren
More Grandchildren
At Rabin's Grave in Jerusalem
Massed Seligmans
The Master Hugger - Tomer
At the 70th Birthday Party
Shirley with Babies
Reading to the Grandchildren
A Tiyul in the Judean Hills
The Seligmans in Zur Hadassa
Daniel's Barmitzvah
Dov and Shirley
Shirley Seligman
1931 - 2009
Marriage of Julius and Lina Lederman in Johannesburg, c.1910
Issy Lederman, standing top, third from the right.
Shirley's Grandparents
Solomon Gillis, Lipsa and Aharon Lederman and Augusta Sandman.
Shirley's Parents
Lily Leah (Gillis) and Issy Issar Lederman.
A Child in Johannesburg
Shirley on the steps of Wolmaran Street Synagogue.
Shirly with Issy and Hedley in the 1930s.
In Habonim during the 1940s
The youth movement played a central part of Shirley's life. There she met Dovie the Bugler.
A Young Woman
Travel brought Shirley to London and then back to South Africa in the early 1950s.
A Wedding Party by Proxy
A 1957 wedding reception in Jo'burg for Gus and Ilana who were marrying in parallel in Tel Aviv.
Shirley and Dov get Engaged
Engagement in Johannesburg in 1956
The Wedding
The wedding of David Meir ben Aryeh Leib and Mary Seligman to Shirley bat Issar and Leah Lederman - 1956.
Shirley and Dov
Europe by Scooter
1958 in France, where Dov studied French Horn in Versailles and Shirley worked for a CIA cover organisation.
Jon and Gideon are born in the early 1960s.
A Visit to Israel
With Jon and Gideon in Belvoir, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem in 1965.
Thank Goodness for Daughters
Timna with Granny Lily and the boys with Zaide in the late 1960s.
Colour Pictures in the 1970s
The family in the garden in Stanmore and
on a trip to Amsterdam in 1969.
Our House and a Visit to Israel
The Seligman house in Hampstead Garden Suburb and a Pesach visit to Israel in 1972.
Jon's Barmitzvah
At Jon's Barmitzvah in Temple Shalom in Johannesburg in 1974.
The Ledermans - 1974
Phyllis, Ingrid, Lauren, Dov, Hedley, Issy, Shirley. Shaun, Lily, Mary, Timna, Jon and Gideon
Mother and Daughter
Shirley with Timna.
The Seligman Family
Shirley, Jon, Dov, Timna and Gideon at the swimming pool in Ramat Efal in 1975.
Out in India
Shirley with the driver, cook, cleaner and dobi-wallah in New Delhi in 1986.
Fiddler on the Roof
Dov and Shirley play Tevye and Golde in an Indian production in 1986.
The Yemenite Wedding
Playing the part in the Henna ceremony before Vered and Jon's wedding in 1989.
The Children Marry - Part I
Jon and Vered's wedding in Kibbutz Tzora in 1989.
The Children Marry - Part II
Lynn and Gideon's wedding in Kibbutz Tuval in 1991.
Shirley with her first grandchildren - Daniel and Ella in the early 1990s.
In the Drakensberg
Shirley and Dov on a trip to the Royal Natal Park in the Drakensberg mountains.
Johannesberg Again
At Lily's house in Patrol Street with Hedley and Phyllis. Five Gillis generations.
Final Years in London
The house at 98 Hampstead Way, Shirley with Fidel (the cat) and Timna.
First Years in Israel
Shirley and Dov - 1996.
Naches I
Yael, Maya and Tomer
Naches II
Children (Jon, Gideon, Timna, Vered & Lynn)  and Grandchildren (Daniel, Ella, Tomer, Maya & Yael).
Shattering a Dream of Peace
At the tomb of Yizhak Rabin after his assassination in 1995.
The Massed Seligmans
At a Seligman gathering in Ramat Efal with cousins, children and grandchildren.
The Professional Hugger
Absolute love from Tomer for his Guni.
70th Birthday
Shirley and Dov at their joint 70th birthday in Zur Hadassa in 2002.
Shirley with Babies
Holding Daniel, Ella, Gideon and Yael.
Reading for the Grandchildren
A childrens book for Daniel, Tomer and Ella.
Shirley and Dov - 2009
A Tiyul in Spring
Walking the Jerusalem Hills during the wild flower blossoming season.
All of Us in 2002
Jon, Timna, Gideon, Lynn, Vered, Dov, Shirley, Daniel, Yael Tomer, Maya and Ella
Daniel's Barmitzvah
In Zur Hadassa after Daniel's barmitzvah in 2003.
Years in Jerusalem
Pesach and Batmitzvah's in the 2000s.
Shirley and Dov - 2009
Happy at Daniel's army mobilisation party in March 2009
Death Announcement - English
Death Announcement - Hebrew
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