Condolences - Shirley Seligman
Dear Dov, Jon, Gideon and Timna,
Ora faxed me a letter from her and Issy which I have transcribed below - I would also like to wish you all long life - know that we are all thinking of you in this very sad time.
Lots of love Ruth

Dear Dov,
It was such a shock to hear of Shirley's death as I was under the impression that her chemo was successful after speaking to her shortly after she started treatment.
We have never been in regular contact relying over the years on that out of the blue phone call with the good news that you were in SA and we'd have a great visit and get together and catch up.
I had no idea for how long and how ill she was. I feel so much pain for you and your family's great and devastating loss and cant begin to imagine how bereft and broken hearted you are all feeling. As I said on the phone you were such a close and loving team, complimenting and being a perfect foil to one another.
As I write this your stories flood in. Time in India - the performance of washing and cooking vegs, the fun and discovery of hidden high drama talents in ''Fiddler on the roof", a trip through Europe with Shirley clinging to your back on the motor-bike and discovering on one occasion that after travelling a considerable distance no Shirley behind you.
Shirley the heart of the family, children and grandchildren loyally holding things together on your frequent absences. Shirley so kind to Judy making much more than just physical room for her on her stay in London with you.
I often use the little blue dishes you gave us - they strike a cord of you both -a small thing but underlining our connection.
It was always Shirley and Dov and being so far away there is a sense of unreality that Shirley is no longer here. Thank God you are surrounded by your loving family. Issy and I wish you, Jon, Gideon, Timna, Gus, Morris and families long life,
With much love to you all, Ora and Issy

Dear Jon
Thank you for sharing this with me, I am so sorry, words fail me, I hope Shirley passed without too much pain, I wish you  and Dov  and Timna and Gideon all long life
Your cousin

Hi uncle Dov, Jon, Gideon, Timna and all the family.
Very very sorry to hear news of Shirley's passing. Wishing you all a long life. We are thinking of you at this very sad time.
Sheryl (Lewis), Kevin, Michaela and Jaime Levine.

Dear Dov.
We were deeply saddened to hear from Daphne last night how bad things are with your Shirley, and we wanted you to know that we are among the many friends and relatives throughout the world who are thinking of you  with love and concern.
We spend our lives using words as best we can, and when we really need to say something effective and meaningful, the words are just not there. But please be assured that our loving thoughts are with you all, and we remember with much affection the times we spent together in London, Cape Town and Jerusalem.
Yours ever affectionately,

To you and the rest of the family our deepest condolences on the loss of Shirley; our thoughts are with you
Andrew, Judy, Adam & Orion Charron

Dear Dov,
I was very sad to hear of Shirley's passing. Thinking about it I realise I hardly actually knew Shirley so I'm quite surprised at the very strong and vivid impression I have of her as a powerful, intelligent, intuitive and very warm person!
Love and strength to you all,

Dearest Dov,
I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. You two were such a great team, and I can't imagine how hard this must be for you. Shirley was a wonderful person and I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to spend time with you both. My thoughts and support are with you, wishing you all a long life.
All my love,

Dear Dov and family
I was so sorry to hear about Shirley's death and the suffering she went through.  I think of how hard this time must be for you in going through such loss.  I recall the period I lived in your house in Hampstead Garden Suburb and how I bonded with Shirley as you were away a lot and we developed a friendship.  I found her warm and profoundly intelligent and well informed.  Despite our occasional blow ups I felt very connected to her. 
With lots of love
Judy Morgan

Dear Dov and Family,
I was saddened to hear of Shirley's passing and just wanted to wish you and your family long life.
I wish you only the warmest memories of Shirley.
Love to you all,
Ari Joffe

Dear Dov, Jon, Gideon and Timna
I wanted to write to express my sorrow at the sad news at Shirley's passing. Shirley was such a special person that no words are really adequate. 
Our deepest sympathies are with you and the family. We know this must be a very difficult time for you.
I will always hold very fond memories of Shirley especially when I came to stay in Jerusalem all those years ago.  We had such a lovely time together, she looked after me so well and I thoroughly enjoyed having the opportunity to get to know her and my family in Israel. 
Our thoughts and prayers are with you and the family.
We wish you long life.
Lots of love
Heather and Nick

Hi Dov, Jon, Gideon, Timna and Families
I would like to wish you all long life on the passing of Shirley.
Gary Lewis

Hi Dov,
I am sorry I didn't call you back last night, I got home so late and didn't want to wake you. I will call again to speak to you today. Thinking about all of you and sending love.

Dear Dov and all the family,
All my love and sympathy to you all.
You are blessed with wonderful memories and a wonderful family.
An e-mail seems so sterile but I'll phone in a couple of days.
my thoughts are with all the Seligmans and the Sussers
Love Berry

My condolences to the family and all whose lives were touched by Shirley.
Michael Seligman, RN

Our dearest Dov,
Morry and I offer our very deepest sympathy on the passing of our dear cousin Shirl.
She will always be remembered as the sweet, intelligent lovely person we knew, and together with you Dov, the stimulating times we had together over the years, here in South Africa and in Israel with your warm hospitable children and grandchildren.
Our thoughts and sympathy go to you, Dov, Jon, Timna, Gideon and your wonderful grandchildren in your time of sorrow.
all our love
Lyrice and Morry

Dear Dov and family,
My parents passed on your email to me.
My condolences to you.  I stayed with you for a few days in London around l980 and have fond memories and appreciation for your hospitality.  Shirley was very kind to me and I am crying as I write this.
Good health to you all.
Regards from,
Marion Gawron Weiss

Dear  Dov, Jon, Timna, Gideon, Vered, Lynn, Daniel, Ella, Tomer, Yael and Maya
Our loving thoughts are with you at this sad time . It is a blessing that Shirley died peacefully after such a terrible time in her illness. Although we had communications from you from time to time, it is only with the recent ones that we fully realized how seriously ill she was.
We will always remember Shirley's wonderful sense of  humour, which characterised her attitude to life with its celebrations and vicissitudes.
Our other abiding memory of Shirley is her generosity in welcoming relatives, friends and strangers with warmth, sympathy, hot meals and shelter. She , together with you Dov, eased our arrival in a cold, foreign country in difficult circumstances, helping us in practical and  other ways to settle. We will always be immensely grateful to you both, for without that we would have been lonely and lost.
Our whole family sends love and condolences. We are sorry we cannot be with you now.
Much love from Joel and Vanetta

My dear Dov,
We have just received the news, which, although expected, yet brought a deep pang of sorrow. Great fight - great innings - and now, we must believe, at peace.
We will always remember your Shirley with love and admiration, and we most deeply hope and pray that you will derive some solace from the knowledge that your partnership was warm and deep, that you shared so many good things in the good years, and that everything which love and devotion could do at the end was poured out in abundant measure.
We will be thinking of you tomorrow, and send you all our deepest love and heartfelt sympathy, and wish you Long Life.
Yours ever affectionately,
Shirley and John  

My dear Seligmans,
I must admit that at times like these words fail me. Nothing I can write can ease the pain of losing Shirley, who was the most down-to-earth person I have ever known. I loved her dry sense of humour and admired her courage over the last couple of years. I know my parents loved her dearly, and always looked forward to seeing both her and Dov when they dropped in on their way to/from Gideon and family. I will never forget her unfailing hospitality whenever I visited London. I may not be the best at keeping in touch, but nonetheless I will miss her a great deal.
My heart goes out to all of you.
With much love
Lynette and Amitai

Dearest Dov and family,
In this time of your great sadness, loss and sorrow, we wish you and all your family good health and long life. May her dear soul rest in peace. Our thoughts and sympathy are with you all!
Chazzak!     All our love
Rena and Mike

Dear Dov, Gideon, Timna And Jon,
Rivea and I wish you and your families good health and want you to know that our thoughts are with you in these difficult times. Lots of memories -- Paris in 1959 where you and Shirley introduced us to Artichokes - London in 1962 in  Golders Green - where you fed us again (all 4 of us) - Patrol Street as a 9year old boy from the country with Shirley and her girl friends!!!!!!.
Fondest Love and keep in touch, Rivea and Russel

Me condolences on Shirley's passing away.  She will be deeply missed.

I am very upset to hear about this. I didn't detect any immediate urgency in your last email.
May Hashem comfort you all among the mourners of Zion.
G-d Bless

Dear Dov, Jon, Timna, Gidean and the rest of the family,
It is with deep sorrow that we learn that Shirley, a dear wife, mother and grandmother has passed on.
We will remember her with love and affection.
Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you at this difficult time.  We wish we were closer so we could be there with you.
With regrets and with our love,
Cathy and Fred

There is not much one can say at a time like this.  In trying to reply, one is consumed by a heavy heart and a vacuous feeling in the pit of the stomach.  We can only hope that Shirley's pain is alleviated as much as possible and that you can draw strength from each other in this time of immense difficulty.
I do not remember exactly for how long you & Shirley have been married but it must be now about 50 years (that is a century between the two of you!).  However, I do remember the actual wedding and many of the respective families and friends that were in attendance.  It was on that occasion that I remember first meeting Shirley's parents and brother.  Sadly, most of those in attendance are no longer with us.  I also remember the rondavel type house you moved to after the wedding.  After that, you left for other climes and we had limited contact.  Much later, we were fortunate to resume a much closer contact with both of you which Jean and I both treasure and appreciate as this interaction with Shirley and you made our lives much richer and fuller.  It was you who introduced us to Mercadante and, whenever we hear his flute concerto, we automatically think of you.  We probably would have 'discovered' him in the normal course of life but you accelerated the introduction.  As a result, we had many extra hours of pleasure listening to his works.  This is only one example of the interaction we had with both of you.  Shirley and I share an affinity for such diverse interests as crossword puzzles, the identification of birds and the intolerance of fools and incompetants as well as many other things we have in common.  The one thing we differed radically on was the intial elevation to power of Robert Mugabe!  But then we were much closer to the coalface of reality whereas geographic distance afforded you the space to intelectualise that historical event (disaster??).
We all empathise with you during these times and regret that we are not closer so that we may offer a more tangible support.
Love to you all from all of us,
Julian Levin

Dear Dov
We were so sad to hear about Shirley.  We remember arriving at your beautiful home in Hampstead Gardens and being instantly welcomed by you and Shirley.   Shirley had such good taste and was a wonderful cook.   One of the highlights of London was staying with the two of you.  We will never forget your amazing hospitality and wish that we could have reciprocated to both of you.  
We will always remember Shirley with such fondness.
If ever you or your children or grandchildren wish to visit Boston, you have a place to stay. 
We wish you and your family a long life, and send so much love.
Belinda, Barry, Toni and Mia

Dear David
I was very sad and distressed to read your news. Shirley has been through a lot over the past year and it must be very comforting for her have you and all the family at her bedside. I know how hard it must be for you to have had to look on to her suffering.
My warmest and caring thoughts are with you all.

Dear Dov,
I was absolutely devastated to hear the news about Shirley's illness.  I had no idea that she has been so ill.  Unfortunately I have been so caught up with getting my life together again and coming to terms with everything that I have not been in touch with you all.  I am at a complete loss for words but can only tell you that my thoughts are with you all at this very difficult time - I feel for you and with you and can only wish you strength. 
Much love to you all and may Hashem be with you and guide you through this tough time.
Fondest love,

To all the Seligman we are sorry to here the sad news, may the memory of here will inspire you all to a great heights and strength in this tumult short life .
Chazak Vematz even nechama for loosing close one is hard to bare,
beshalom Yokhai .

Dear Jon,
We were distressed to hear of the death of dear Shirley and we are emailing our thoughts of sympathy to you and all your family. May you be granted long life free from further sorrow for many years to come
Regards Harold and Shirley Davis

Dear David, Jon, Timna, Gideon and all the family,
I am so sorry to learn of Shirley's passing. I wish to send you all my sympathy and love.

My sincere condolences!  What sad news! May her memory be a blessing to all those who knew and loved her!
In sympathy,

My dear Jon,
I received your tragic news as I travel home to London. I am shocked & utterly sad for you & your family. There are no glib words to say; I send you all my loving thoughts hoping that the happy memories you have will sustain you through your grief.  I wish you long life & I hope we meet again.
with love, Miriam Margolyes

I’m sorry to hear of your loss and wish you a long life.

Dear Jon:
I was sad to hear of your mother's passing. Please accept my sympathies.  May warm memories of your mother sustain you and your family during this unhappy  time.  My sympathies and regards to your father.

Dearest Jon, Dov and all others.
It is in England that I am receiving the sad news of Shirley's passing. I knew she was very ill for a long time but it is still a very painful moment for all her relatives and friends, and first and foremost of course for her immediate family, spouse, children, and grandchildren. I know for sure it will affect my parents immensely. Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend the funeral as we are still out of the country.
I want to extend my most heartfelt feelings to all of you in this difficult moment.
Karen Tordjman

Hello Jon,
I'm sad to hear this news. My condolences to you, your father and your whole family. We in Montreal are thinking of you at this difficult time and sharing in your sorrow.
Most sincerely,
Cookie Seligman

Hello to all
We are very saddened to hear of Shirley's passing. We spent last evening with Miriam who told us how ill Shirley was. May she rest in peace.
Our deepest sympathy to you, your Dad and all of your immediate and extended family.
Shirley and David and family

To  David, Jon and the Seligman family.
We are deeply saddened by your loss. Shirley was a lovely person and although we have not had much contact in recent years we have always felt close to her. Your loss is our loss.
We send our condolences and best wishes to the family.
With love,
Lynn and Shirley

We wish you and the family long life and our condolences at this time.
Michael & Jane Diamond.

To everybody in the Seligman family. I feel a great sadness at hearing that Shirley has passed on. I did not know she was not well. Joel tells me she was ill for a few months and that it was sudden. I wish you long life. Dov my thoughts are with you.
Take care
Fondest regards

Dear Jon, Sorry we haven't kept in touch, but I am so sorry to hear 
about your loss. You will be in out thoughts and prayers. Sincerely 
Helen and Tom Suby

Dear Jon,
I was shocked and so sad to hear this news. I wish you all good health and long life. Please send my best wishes and sincere, heartfelt sympathies to all of your kids and grandchildren.
Take care,

Me condolences on Shirley's passing away.  She will be deeply missed.

Dear Seligman Family
We are all very saddened by the passing of Shirley and wish you all Long Life.  May her dear soul rest in peace.
We wish you all, Hashem's blessings, at this most difficult time and that each one of you treasure the special memories you have of Shirley.
With Love
Ann Diamond (Shirley's cousin) Aileen, Harold, Daniel and Jonathan Zinman 

Words are not adequate to describe my feelings these past months after being privileged to attend the Seder with Shirley and realizing how truly brave she has been.  She loved all of you and all the grandchildren so, and fought this relentless disease so courageously.  She will be sorely missed.

As Emily Dickenson puts it:
The Bustle in a House
The Morning after Death
Is solemnest of industries
Enacted upon Earth---
The Sweeping up the Heart
and putting Love away
We shall not want to use again
Until Eternity.


Dear Dov, Jon, Gideon, Timna, Vered, Lynn, Daniel, Ella, Tomer, Maya and Yael,
Our deepest condolences to you in this time of sadness.
Much love,
Naomi, Arjun and Milo

Dear David
I prefer hand written notes but take advantage of this method to tell you of my sorrow at the passing of Shirley.  Lynn, whom I lost in 1997, and I were both fond of you both and enjoyed our all too brief meetings in Delhi. I have some sense of the grief which now surrounds you and offer my condolences to you at this time. 
I know that your family will have to sustain you and each other.
With affection

We were so sorry to read your very sad news. We shall always remember Shirley as the vibrant, clever, beautiful woman who stayed with us some years ago and we trust that the knowledge of the esteem in which she was held and your wonderful memories of her will bring you all some comfort. Please convey our condolences to all the family. We wish you all 'long life'.
Kindest regards, Helen and Nachman

Dear Dov and family, 
Olga and I were shocked and terribly distressed to read of Shirley's death. We had no idea that she had been so ill. Despite Olga's condition she was aware of the import, took the news rather badly, and kept talking about distant   memories, mostly of their trip together through  Europe and our friendship which flowed from there. What can one say? Fate happens. We can only wish you long life and the strength and courage with which to face the future. We will always remember Shirley with deepest regard and love. 
Olga and Faby

Dear Dov,
We were so sad to hear about the passing of Shirley. The last time we saw you both was at Kenwood House for lunch a few years ago now, how the time flies. Shirley was well and happy and that is how we will always remember her.
You and Shirley were such good friends to us and we will never forget the caring support that you gave us during our sad time and only wish that we could be with you now.
Loving thoughts go to you all.
Catherine and Ken

My dear David, to you and your family my deep felt condolences. You will find strength in treasuring the wonderful memories you have of an accomplished life side by side with Shirley.
My thoughts are with you, Jurgen

Dear David and family,
Our deepest condolences. Our thought are with you. Take care. always,
Paul, Olivia, Judith Jonathan and the rest of the Jacob clan

Dearest Dov,
My deep condolences to you and the family. Shirley was a lovely person. She will be missed by all of us who knew her. I will pray for 
your comfort, strength and peace in your loneliness. God bless you and the family.
Much love, Abby

Hi David,
I was so sorry to hear about Shirley. I'll try to get to the shiva, but I'm not sure it'll work out.  ..I'll check with Morris as to how long you'll be sitting. I know it is a very difficult time now for you and your family. Try to remember all the good times you had together.
I'm thinking of you.
With my sincere sympathy,

David, Jon, Timna, Gideon and all the family
My deepest, most sincere, most heartfelt condolences to you all - my thoughts are with you. Today's pain and grief are nearly unbearable but time is the great healer. That is a real truth, not a cliche? - the pain of today does finally diminish.  But memories remain, good ones, and we hold on to them and cherish them.  David - you have a wonderful family, and that is the greatest blessing and comfort of all.
With much love

I was much saddened to learn of Shirley's passing on.  My prayers are with you and your family.

Shalom Dovvie,
the years pass and its occasions like these that remind us. - it's time we resumed old friendships. Our sincere condolences to you and family.
Barney and Thelma Wainer

When the unexpected news of the departure of your wife reached me by  internet, I was completely shattered,  possibly because I did not realize that her condition had worsened.  I remember talking to her shortly a few months ago, and hearing from you that her fight was not easy but hopeful. Shirley was a splendid person always in good spirits, helpful and charming. All those who had the privilege knowing her will miss her very much. Being temporarily absent from Jerusalem, I can only assure that I participate with you in these difficult days. My deepest condolences go to you and your entire family which Shirley loved so much.
Be strong

Dear, dear David,
Your mail with sad news has left us in despair. The deterioration of  Shirley's illness is so hard for us to understand and accept. She is constantly in our minds - as well as you - and we send you and the kids all our love and sympathy.
Kristine, Felix, Michael and Marianne

Dear David and family,
I wish to express my most sincere and heartfelt condolences upon the passing of your beloved wife Shirley, of blessed memory.
Shirley was a truly worthy role model to her children, grandchildren and the entire family. She was quite remarkable indeed and I know that your decades of beautiful shared memories will serve to comfort you in this hour of grief.
Shirley's magnitude of character is clearly reflected in those of her descendants who honor her life and her memory in their everyday lives of good.
May God comfort you and give you the strength to carry on her legacy of kindness and generosity, for generations to come.
Yossi Eisenberg

Dear David and Family,
On my behalf and on the behalf of all members of the "Hovevei Hamusica" Orchestra I would like to express my sincerest condolences for the passing of your wife and mother Shirley. We all remember you and share your grief.
Dov Rabinovitch
In the name of the orchestra's vaad

Dear Dovvie and Family,
We are with you in your immeasurable loss as you mourn Shirley's final passing. Our love to you all.
Miriam and Len Atkins.

Dear David,
Our deepest condolences for your lost. We are so sorry for Shirley's passing away and we know how much you are going to miss her, as her friends we will miss her too and we will treasure the moments we shared with you two. She touched our lives with her friendship and kindness and we will always have a warm spot for her in our hart. We are thinking of you, your sons and grandkids and specially of Timna in these sad occasion. Please give them too our sympathy. We will call you soon.
With deeply sorrow: Larry and Cenny

Dear David
We were so sad to learn of the passing of Shirley. Please accept our sincere condolences.
John and Connie Sendak

Dear David
We received the news of Shirley's death with great sadness. We are thinking of you all at this sad time. A letter will follow.
Love to all
Gordon & Ann

Dear Dov and Family
I am so very sorry to hear of Shirley's passing. She was such a kind, caring and warm person and I will remember her with great affection. May you draw strength and comfort from memories of better times, from the strength of the family she leaves behind ,and the love that remains forever.

Dear David,
I want to express my deepest condolences on the passing of your dear wife, Shirley of blessed memory. I know how devoted you were to her and what good care you took of her during her illness these past few years. May you, your children and grandchildren only remember the good times that you all spent together in the simcha's, travels, or quality time that you all had together. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family on the loss of your best mate, mother and grandmother at this time of mourning.
Be Good, Gingy

Dearest Dov and all the family,
I am terribly sad and wish you and all the family Long Life.  I shall be thinking of you tomorrow with much love.
Shalom Shirl...
I have written a letter...
Much love
Barbara xx

David, dear,
So very sorry about Shirley. I have started praying for her, you and family asking God to give all of you strength and blessings.
Much love, Abby

Sending you across the miles my deepest condolences.

Dear David,
Tami and I are very, very sad about the news of Shirley's passing away. We shall always remember he as a gentle, friendly and noble person, and I think back with thankfulness that I had about a year ago the opportunity to welcome Shirley in the midst of her friends at Rotary.
May you be comforted amongst the rest of the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.
I know, it's difficult, if not impossible for the moment, but I am convinced that you, David, would live up to Shirley's expectations and wishes by - after thorough mourning and remembering - finding a positive attitude to life. You still have a tremendous lot to give to society.
In friendship,
Jacques (and Tami, who has lost her father at the end of Pessah)

Dearest David and all the Seligmans,
We are, like all those who knew Shirley, very very sad for your loss. This was really a grave illness bravely fought. We will be with you tomorrow at the funeral, and wish you all long life.
Maureen & Dick

I am so sorry to hear the news. It is over 35 years ago we met and my memory is of that time.  Deepest regrets to your children and grandchildren
Take care of yourself, David.

david, shalom!
i am VERY sorry to hear the sad news about shirley!!! i do remember her with gladness, remember our "all over the country" trip in one day with david zwebner.....
i do wish you G-D's strength to keep going on!!
doro :-)

Dear David,
Please accept my condolences. May the Lord comfort you.
Roy Rissanen

Dear David,
I am sorry to hear this sad news. I share your sorrow over lossing of your beloved wife. I believe Shirley will rest in peace.....My  prayer is always with you and family

Dear Dov and Family,
We are very sad at your loss.  I will always remember Shirley's kindness and hospitality.  May your memories of her sustain you.
Much love and sympathy from Nani and me

My Dear David,
I am so sorry. Please let me know as soon as you can about the arrangements, I know that the Rotarians will want to know. Or please tell me what you would like of the Rotarians so that I can inform them according to your wishes

David, so very sad for you all....................................   Love, Love, Love, Butterfly
Aviva Lee

Dear David,
I am so sorry. Not much can be said.
Love to you and your family at this time.

Alice and Rizek

Dear David,
This is indeed the saddest of news and my thoughts are with you and your family now. I am in Oman for a month and so (inanely I guess) feel closer to you geographically.
Love to you always my fine friend.

Dear Jon
This is so sad. Your father sent the news through of course and I shall be writing to him but getting this from you enables me, on behalf of Steven too, to send you and your dear lovely family much love. Your mother was a very special lady for many people. She was a marvellous example for me with my new family - always patient, philosophical and able to see the funny side of things. She'd been there, done that and survived to tell the tale, and reassure me that this too, as all things, would pass.
With the comfort of your family, I expect she wouldn't mind me reminding you that that will be the case also with this sad loss.
With love and, in the English way, wishes for a long life for you and yours

Heartfelt condolences; she will be missed. Long life

I just received the news of the death of your wife. I did not know Shirley. However, when you would speak of her, you always had a spark in you eyes & voice. It was clear how much you loved her.
I extend my deepest sympathy to you & your entire family on your loss. Your pain must be very deep. I am truly sorry. I'm sure your wife will be missed by all who knew her.  If you need someone to talk to you can always talk to me.
I'm very sorry David.
Stay strong,
Eric Copperman

Dearest Dov
What can we say?
We have SUCH wonderful memories of times spent together with you and Shirley - most recent for us about three years ago when we were in Israel, and not  only spent a lovely evening with you both at your home, but also together with Timna at the Anna Ticho house. 
What we both loved about Shirley,  was her 'authenticity' - she said it like it was, including telling Toby that he was 'a pedant' - a title he trots out proudly to this day when justifying a stance! (and always giving her credit for bestowing it upon him)!!
What a challenging time lies ahead for you, but please G-d with the support of your family and friends, we pray it cushions the pain somewhat
Our thoughts and prayers are with you, TImna, Jon, Gideon and families at this very sad time.   We will call you in a few days time.
Take care of yourself!
Much love,
Etta-Mary and Tobias.

Dear David,
My deepest condolences with the passing away of your dear Shirley. As we are in Holland right now we will be unable to come to the shiva.  We are, however, convinced that there will be enough friends to be near you.
Sincerely yours,
Geert Cohen Stuart

Friends and Family from around the world have expressed their sympathy at Shirley's passing.

We thank you warmly and truly appreciate your thoughts.

Dov, Jon, Gideon, Timna, Vered, Lynn, Daniel, Ella, Tomer, Maya and Yael.
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Shalom Dov!
That I only have your name here is already a "makah". So sorry, Dov, to hear about Shirley. I have been trying to phone you through this week with no success. Got your telephone number from Faby, but each time I get a fax sound. Eventually tried this morning Shabbat, and a lady answered "ta-ut mispar". Please will you email me your telephone number so that we can speak (when you feel like doing that).
Just heard as I was driving that Israel knocked Russia out of Davis Cup. Our commentator was very surprised!
Looking forward to your reply. In S.A. they say "sterkte" - one of the few Afrikaans words that says it all.

Dear Dov, Jon and Families
We were very saddened by the news of Shirley’s passing and we share in your loss. I have fond memories of Shirley from your visits to SA when I was a child - I remember her warmth and kindness and her down to earth personality.
We wish you strength during this difficult time. May you all continue to enjoy wonderful memories of Shirley, a special lady.
With love to all
Yael (Joffe), Basil, Jonathan, Liora and Gavriel Sher

Dearest Dovvie and family,
I have been away and returned to find the sad news of Shirley's passing.
I have known Shirley since we were children in Kensington,but it was only when you came to C.T. that I got to know and appreciate her as a grown woman. What a loss. She was there for you after your accident and you were there for her throughout her illness.
This is a very difficult time,but you will find untapped strength from the years you were together , the things you shared,and the many memories you can draw on.
Be strong my friend, but lean on your family and friends. It does help.

Hi Dov,
I have just come back from Cape Town where I saw Julian and Jean. I was so sad to hear about Shirley. What can one say - man proposes and G-d disposes. No matter what the whys and wherefors are, it is very traumatic to lose a life partner and after so many years also. I just
wanted to say that my thoughts are with you and wish you "sterkte". I remember the night we had dinner in Abu Gosh together with such

Dov, Jon, Gideon, and Timna,
I've been meaning to write you all to offer my condolences at Shirley's passing. I'm sure it is a tremendously difficult time, and all I can do is offer some words of support, sympathy and encouragement. It must be the most difficult thing in the world to lose a wife, mother and friend. I hope that your anguish lessens over time while the memories of Shirley remain vivid.
I did want to pass along one story of Shirley. When I was studying in London (1992), Dov was off on a trip for several months. I remember that Shirley called me up one day and invited me over for tea one Saturday afternoon. We had a really nice time just chatting. Even though that was 17 years ago, I'll always remember her kindness -- it was a small gesture to reach out to me like that, but was very much appreciated. I guess you'll probably say that this was the kind of person that Shirley was -- always kind and considerate, with a very sharp wit! That's the way that I will remember her.
We are thinking of you all in these tough times,
Betsy and David Seligman

Dear Dov, Jon and family,
It was with great sadness that we learned of Shirley’s passing and we wish you and all your family ‘long life’. We have fond memories of Shirley. Whenever you used to come to South Africa to visit, you never failed to call on my parents to say hi, and we so used to enjoy your company and hearing about the many places you job had taken you to and the places you had travelled to. My parents were very fond of both of you and I remember them coming back from their last trip to Israel and telling us so enthusiastically about the time they had spent with you. Mel also reminded me about the time when we were in London and we literally bumped into you and Shirley so unexpectedly in downtown London ( I think you were on your way to see a show and we may have been trying to get tickets) – it was such a pleasant surprise.
Having watched my dad suffer and then to lose him not so long ago, I share in your pain and loss and wish you all strength. May you only have fond memories of Shirley and take comfort that she is no longer suffering.
Love and best wishes,
Tanya, Mel, Gabriella, Talia and Gilad Urdang

Dear David,
Please accept my heartfelt condolences on the loss of your wife Shirley. I know how painful this loss must be and how hard the work of mourning your loss that must follow. I am sure that your pain will be mitigated by the many happy memories of your fifty years with Shirley.
Warm regards,

Dearest Dov , Jon , Timna , Gideon and families
So sorry to hear of the loss of Shirley.
We wish you a long life and hope happy memories sustain you at this difficult time.
I believe she has not been well for some time and hope she is now at peace,
Fond love
Lauren and Phil Abelheim

Dov, Jon, Gideon, and Timna,
I've been meaning to write you all to offer my condolences at Shirley's passing. I'm sure it is a tremendously difficult time, and all I can do is offer some words of support, sympathy and encouragement. It must be the most difficult thing in the world to lose a wife, mother and friend. I hope that your anguish lessens over time while the memories of Shirley remain vivid.
I did want to pass along one story of Shirley. When I was studying in London (1992), Dov was off on a trip for several months. I remember that Shirley called me up one day and invited me over for tea one Saturday afternoon. We had a really nice time just chatting. Even though that was 17 years ago, I'll always remember her kindness -- it was a small gesture to reach out to me like that, but was very much appreciated. I guess you'll probably say that this was the kind of person that Shirley was -- always kind and considerate, with a very sharp wit! That's the way that I will remember her.
We are thinking of you all in these tough times,
Betsy and David Seligman

Hi Dov,
I have just come back from Cape Town where I saw Julian and Jean. I was so sad to hear about Shirley. What can one say - man proposes and G-d disposes. No matter what the whys and wherefors are, it is very traumatic to lose a life partner and after so many years also. I just wanted to say that my thoughts are with you and wish you "sterkte". I remember the night we had dinner in Abu Gosh together with such fondness.

Dear Dov, Jon and all your family

I was so sorry to hear that Shirley had passed away. I remember her warmly from the occasions that we met over the years.
I wish you all a "long life".
Kind regards,
Ilan (Danny and Bella Joffe's son)